Why You Should Apply to the AIFP Trader Training Program

trader training

Whether you’re a recent graduate or just looking for a career change, AIFP offers a paid apprenticeship program that can help you develop the confidence, skill, and knowledge you need to thrive as a commodity trader. Here’s why you should apply to the AIFP trader training program today.

No Experience Necessary

At AIFP, we believe that hiring is less about finding someone with the right experience and more about finding someone with the right drive. In fact, many of our rookie traders come to us right after college or from a different field entirely, and our paid apprenticeship program allows us to hire individuals who lack industry experience but who have the skills and background needed to thrive. That’s why joining the AIFP trader training program is one of best jobs for recent college grads.

In-Depth Industry Training

While many of our trader trainees come to AIFP with a degree in Business, Economics, or Finance, AIFP builds on this knowledge with an in-depth crash course on the building materials and lumber industry. New traders diligently learn the industry lingo, the processes behind a sale, and a deep appreciation for the business itself. Because the industry is always changing, veteran traders teach trainees their tips and tricks for monitoring and predicting changes in the market so that they can be successful once they start commodity trading.

The Chance to Shadow Experienced Commodity Traders

At AIFP, we understand that our biggest asset is the breadth of knowledge and experience of our team. That’s why job shadowing is such an important part of the training process. When you join the AIFP trader training program, you’ll log plenty of hours on the trading floor, listening to our expert commodity traders as they build relationships and make sales. While everyone’s strategy is different, sitting in on these sales calls can help you discover your unique sales style. It can also help you learn sales tips and tricks that will come in handy when it’s your turn to start selling.

Mentorship & Sales Support

Many of the traders who have been through our trader training program cite the mentorship and sales support as one of their favorite parts of the paid apprenticeship program. Not only do they receive the knowledge and support they need to build a successful business, but they also learn the type of mindset that’s needed to succeed in a commodity trading career. Learning how to cope from someone who has experienced the same challenges can be incredibly helpful as you move forward in your trading career. All of this mentorship and sales support is just another reason why commodity trading at AIFP is one of the best jobs for recent college grads.

The Opportunity to Discover Your Niche

One of the perks of our paid apprenticeship program is the ability to find the niche that’s right for your skillset and personality. When you apply for a specific position, especially one you haven’t done before, it can be hard to know how you will succeed in the role. Part of the trainer trading program involves discovering where you best fit at AIFP. Trading Southern Yellow Pine, for example, will have you building relationships with a different clientele than Canadian imports. That’s why part of the apprenticeship program involves figuring out your strengths and weaknesses in real time, so you can join the department that makes the most sense for you.

We Pay You to Learn the Tools of the Trade

While unpaid internships have their time and place, we believe in providing the financial support our trainees need as they learn the tools of the trade. That’s why we pay our traders throughout the one-year trader training program. Once you graduate to a trader, you’ll transition to the commission-only salary that allows you unlimited earning potential, more control over your income, and performance transparency. Ready to apply for one of the best sales jobs in Portland? Contact us today for more information about our job openings. In the meantime, check out our company blog where we cover everything from how to become a commodity trader to job search tips for recent grads. You can even find out exactly what we’re looking for in job candidates and how to nail the interview.

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