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The United States has always been rich in forest products and our massive railroad infrastructure has allowed the American lumber industry to boom since its inception. Presently, U.S. forest products continue to face large demand domestically and internationally, and AIFP is here to deliver.

AIFP’s U.S. Lumber department provides you with competitive lumber prices and extensive forest products supply to aid any unique project need you may have! Our seasoned lumber traders are trained specially for the U.S. lumber market to help you acquire the highest quality product with the best pricing available.

We connect you with the supply you need to complete your build with ease. As one of the largest building products wholesale organizations in the U.S., AIFP strives to provide you with premier quality, environmentally sourced products at the most competitive pricing.

Reach out to one of our experienced U.S. lumber representatives today and save yourself trouble tomorrow.

*At this time AIFP does not have the resources to export product outside of the U.S., but we are more than happy to help with any business inquiries regarding materials to be sold within the U.S.

*We do however, purchase import building materials and steel products, so if you have any business inquiries regarding products you would like to sell please feel free to contact us.

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AIFP has an array of products that may suit your needs, whether they be hardwood, softwood, panels, steel, or more:

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