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With over 50 years of experience in the building materials industry, 7 departments covering a variety of lumber, panel and steel products, 35+ commodity traders and growing and with an average tenure of 15 years among our team, AIFP has everything you need to build a long lasting and reliable partnership.

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Our Mission

Create Exceptionally high value partnerships for mills and customers alike

Founded in 1964 as the first Forest City Trading Group Company, we have over fifty years of industry expertise and one of the largest trading floors in North America! As leaders in the building materials and lumber industry, we feel it is our responsibility to set the bar for doing things the right way. Following our five core values: Communication, Responsibility, Integrity, Leadership and Respect, we go above and beyond for our partners in all aspects of our work.

We Have You Covered

AIFP is a full service building materials wholesaler. We offer large volumes of products and bulk purchasing for large scale projects and needs. AIFP provides top quality lumber and steel products as well as delivery options all across North America and parts of Canada! Our all-star trucking and transportation department makes getting what you need, when you need it a breeze. With our close connections and partnerships, it gives our traders the power to offer competitive pricing for all our building materials and gives you the peace of mind knowing you got the best rate for the best products. AIFP goes beyond just offering premium lumber and steel products, by giving market insight and having open and honest communication with our partners.

*At this time AIFP does not have the resources to export product outside of the U.S., but we are more than happy to help with any business inquiries regarding materials to be sold within the U.S.

*We do however, purchase import building materials and steel products, so if you have any business inquiries regarding products you would like to sell please feel free to contact us.

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With a variety of product options here at AIFP, you are sure to find what you need. We specialized in multiple grades, species, lengths and sizes at varying prices to fit your budget! From galvanized steel pipes to dimensional lumber and boards, AIFP partners with the best mills to get the best products for you! Learn more about our products or to connect with a trader and get a quote.

Not only do we have great partnerships with amazing mills, but we also have great partnerships with over 100 different port and reload facilities all across the U.S. as well as over 115 partnerships with carriers to ensure maximum service for all your material needs! Pairing that with our in-house trucking and transportation department, we make it easier than ever to customize your delivery options that best suit you! Find out more about our transportation and logistics options.

When we say we have you covered, we mean it. From products to transportation as well as a wonderful credit department to help establish financial partnership, we make doing business easy, adaptable and efficient.

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