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At American International Forest Products, we believe in creating success. No matter if you choose to become a trader on the trading floor or an all-star in our admin department, we are a team that helps support one another to achieve our best versions of ourselves. New opportunities to join the AIFP family are always being updated so please check back frequently to see if we have a career waiting for you!

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What it's like having a career at AIFP

Having a career at AIFP is challenging, rewarding and fun. Like anywhere, there are easy days and there are hard days, but no matter which day you are having, you can bet the AIFP team will be there for you! We are constantly making sure that our team has the support they need to find success in their careers. At AIFP we believe the best training we can give someone is getting in there and doing the job through hands on learning experiences. We pride ourselves in creating an environment where ideas can be heard and skills can be developed. AIFP creates a workplace that feels like a family, where everyone is there to support one another and we can all have a great time together. Working here can be a lot of fun, as we conduct multiple company events, outings, charity and volunteer opportunities as well as friendly in office competitions like march madness brackets and holiday contests. One thing you will always find when joining the AIFP team is that AIFP cares about their employees, whether it's congratulating each other on new milestones in their lives, complimentary holiday gifts such as turkeys for thanksgiving and wreaths for Christmas, or simple gifts and recognitions to show appreciation of all the hard work the team puts into their careers.


Join AIFP team of leaders this summer with our 7-week paid internship competition!

Only 3 interns will be selected this year to compete in this brand new competition where you will get the chance to "Pitch your Pitch" as if you were on Shark Tank to our panel of traders. Throughout this internship you will learn valuable entrepreneurial and sales skills in an ever growing industry! You will work alongside our amazing team of traders, logistics and admin to understand the building materials industry and be given the chance to apply what you learn to create your own business plan to pitch at the end of your journey. Observe how to research the market, complete a competitive analysis, draft a plan of action and learn your product trade. This is a highly interactive internship that will be a M-F On-Site position at our Beaverton, OR location. As a bonus, during your final week you will create a power point presentation to pitch your new business idea to the trader panel as if you were a Shark Tank contestant. The interns will be given a first, second and third place prize in addition to their paid internship time, based on how many traders were convinced to "invest" into your plan.

Internship Schedule: July 1st - August 15th

Week 1: Spend time with our Logistics team to understand the movement of your product

Week 2: Shadow our Admin team to understand what happens after orders are taken and the cycle of your sale

Week 3 & 4: Take a mini road trip to visit some of our partners! Mills, Customers and Reloads.

Week 5: Work alongside our traders to learn what they do and how they develop their business

Week 6: Create a business plan based off of all you learned and get ready to "Pitch your Pitch"

Week 7: Finals: Present your plan to the panel

How to apply:

Applications are open now until June 15th! APPLY NOW


Get To Know Our Trader Training Program!


AIFP's trader training program is a 12 month* salaried hands on learning and training experience for all new hires. We give you all the tools you need to learn the trade and build your business so no experience is necessary. You will work alongside all our staff in each department, including our seasoned traders to fully understand the trade and the industry.

What to Expect:

Month 1-2:

Here you will learn how to use all the systems and applications with our IT specialist, gain hands on experience and understanding with the logistics of the trade in our trucking department, and gain knowledge on the ins and outs of the order process with our inventory, import, invoicing, credit, A/P and A/R teams.

Month 3-6:

In this phase you will be out on the trading floor working side by side our seasoned traders learning everything you need to know about being a lumber trader. Our traders will be guiding you on how to make a successful business and will be showing you the ins and outs of trading through various projects and tasks.

Month 7-12:

This is the final phase of the training program where you will be assigned your department and start defining your trade and your business. You will partner with senior traders in your department, formulate your own business plan, attend sales workshops and interact with mills and customers (may involve travel).

Month 12:

You will have completed the program and will be eligible to receive commission. Traders and admin alike will continue to support you as you refine your business plan and begin your journey to success!

*The trader training program is a standard 12-months, but can be shorter or longer depending on the individual.

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With a variety of product options here at AIFP, you are sure to find what you need. We specialized in multiple grades, species, lengths and sizes at varying prices to fit your budget! From galvanized steel pipes to dimensional lumber and boards, AIFP partners with the best mills to get the best products for you! Learn more about our products or to connect with a trader and get a quote.

Not only do we have great partnerships with amazing mills, but we also have great partnerships with over 100 different port and reload facilities all across the U.S. as well as over 115 partnerships with carriers to ensure maximum service for all your material needs! Pairing that with our in-house trucking and transportation department, we make it easier than ever to customize your delivery options that best suit you! Find out more about our transportation and logistics options.

When we say we have you covered, we mean it. From products to transportation as well as a wonderful credit department to help establish financial partnership, we make doing business easy, adaptable and efficient.

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