Industrial Department

AIFP’s Industrial Department is committed to offering innovative supply and logistics solutions for manufacturing facilities, mills, dealers, and building materials distributors throughout the US.

With more than five decades of experience in industrial trading, we continue to be a trusted and dependable partner in all things industrial supply. Our Industrial Traders are here to help you make the best choices for your project, no matter the scale.

What We Do

Our remanufacturer and manufacturer partners often use materials supplied by our Industrial Department to make siding, molding, crates and packaging, trim boards, doors, cedar fencing, cedar pallets, decorative boards, and more. Additionally, our Industrial Traders specialize in value-added wood products in both standard and non-standard dimensions.

At AIFP, we understand the demands of construction and manufacturing. Over the years, we have developed extensive knowledge of the manufacturing process and strive to help you meet the demands of your industry. With our key industry insights and seasoned domestic and international partnerships, AIFP is the kind of partner you need to make sure your projects are well executed.

Shipment: We’ve Got You Covered

AIFP relies on our five core principles, one of which is responsibility. We know how important safe transport is to your business, that’s why we have two entire departments dedicated to organizing proper transportation for the products you need. Whether you require materials to be shipped via truck or rail after they’ve come stateside, we have the strategies and planning skills to execute safe arrival to any destination.

Explore Our Products

AIFP has an array of products that may suit your needs, whether they be hardwood, softwood, panels, steel, or more:

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Industrial supply trading can come with a whole host of questions. Need more information about a specific product or details about shipping? Are you interested in a business partnership or have a general question? We’ve got you covered!

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