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The products we trade and the service we provide speak volumes, that is why we build relationships with only the most reliable lumber mills and suppliers. AIFP provides a wide variety of top-quality building materials as well as offers our products in multiple grades, sizes, lengths and species, allowing for flexibility in fulfilling your buying needs. From low-grade to premium, softwood to hardwood, green or kiln dried, AIFP has the products you need at competitive prices. Our building products go beyond just dimensional lumber and panels, we also trade products such as steel pipe, pallets and more!

*At this time AIFP does not have the resources to export product outside of the U.S., but we are more than happy to help with any business inquiries regarding materials to be sold within the U.S.

*We do however, purchase import building materials and steel products, so if you have any business inquiries regarding products you would like to sell please feel free to contact us.

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AIFP strives to serve our customers in every way possible. Whether you have questions about stock, shipment, partnerships, or anything else, our team of seasoned traders are here to help. Contact us today for assistance in accessing unparalleled quality lumber!


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