A Look Into Our Trader Training Program

trader training

Our employees are our most important asset. With this, we’re committed to investing in their professional growth. How? Through mentorship and hands-on training.

Traders may come to us with great potential, but with little knowledge about the industry or the job to be done. To AIFP, if you’re up for a challenge and have a great attitude, experience – or lack thereof – isn’t an issue. Through our 24-month paid internship program, traders-in-training are given the tools they need to succeed in their new roles.

A 24-Month Paid Apprenticeship Program

The First Year

During the first 12 months, traders-in-training work as interns. We often hire interns in groups, creating a good cohort feel.

For the first 4 months, interns work with our administrative team. Then, during the next 8 months, they transition to being a departmental intern, handling anything from inventory to research to fielding questions from our partners.

In order to learn the inner workings of our business and our processes, our traders-in-training work closely with a tight-knit team of mentors, including:

  • a senior trader;
  • a trader trainer;
  • a professional sales trainer; and
  • our company president.

The Second Year

If, after a performance review, the team agrees that the trainee is ready to graduate, they will continue onto the 12-month trader training. During the trader training, the trainee is out on the trading floor getting hands-on experience and mentorship.

Upon successful completion of this 12-month trader training, these traders are now eligible to opt out of their salaried position and earn standard trader commissions.

Getting to Know AIFP

During these first two years of mentorship and hands-on training, we invest in trainees’ professional and social growth.

Trainees get to participate in all company events, developing a sense of camaraderie with their fellow traders-in-training and senior traders. From engaging in company costume parties to fishing trips to BBQs, our trainees become like family to our company.

A few highlights of our trainees at recent company events:

During our trader fishing trip this summer, current trainee, David, shows off his impressive catch of the day.


Current trainee, Ken (third from the right), had a blast running with our Hood to Coast team (or as we called it: "Wood to Coast!”).


Current trainee, Jackson (on the left), was another major asset to our Hood to Coast team. Good times!


Retention Speaks

Once a trainee has completed the 24-month paid apprenticeship, they’re ready to hit the ground running. We’re proud that the average tenure for our traders is 15-16 years and growing. We attribute our impressive retention to the great culture, excellent mentorship, career growth opportunities, and sense of camaraderie. AIFP becomes like a second family to our employees. Our traders are truly motivated by the work that they do, energized by their coworkers, and excited to come to work every day.

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