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AIFP is dedicated to providing exceptional transportation services with our experienced and knowledgeable staff. Our coordinators have extensive experience in forest products transportation and will handle your shipment from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and efficient process!

Additionally, we offer the convenience of reload facilities, allowing purchasers to receive lumber in manageable increments. These reload facilities play a crucial role in the logistics of the lumber industry, as quality storage and distribution are key factors in ensuring successful sales. At AIFP, we understand that it’s not just about selling lumber – it’s about delivering it in a way that works best for you and your project schedules. We manage shipments across the lower 48 states as well as the ten provinces of Canada and comply with all US Customs laws and Homeland Security requirements. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you ship and receive your product today!

AIFP Trucking Department

The Truck Transportation Department is service-driven, with an emphasis on turning relationships into long-term partnerships. At AIFP, we offer an in-house transportation program to help streamline delivery for your orders. The partnerships we have with our select carriers ensure reliable and efficient service across the U.S. and specific Canadian districts. We have connections to many transportation options including flatbeds, maxis, pig vans and more to help suit your delivery needs. Our trucking department takes care of any special delivery requests such as tarping as well as any documents or paperwork needed for crossing the Canadian border. AIFP's traders work one on one with our trucking department to provide accurate shipping schedules and expectations for your orders, making it easy to manage your inventory for your business.

Since a very high percentage of our daily freight is return business, our transportation service models are built around flexibility. We can schedule your trucks for same-day delivery or a planned date in advance. This provides better routing for our trucks, a fair year-round rate structure, and on-time deliveries for our customers

AIFP Rail Department

AIFP has connections to major railways servicing the U.S. to help get large volumes of product where you need it when you need it. Additionally, we partner with local reloads across the states to help make large volumes of products easier to manage through rail car to truckload conversions.

We ship approximately 7,000 carloads of products via rail each year. With our long-standing relationships with railroads and reload facilities across the country, we can manage any domestic rail, routing, or reloading needs.

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