How to Become a Commodity Trader

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With over 50 years of experience trading lumber, panels, steel, and industrial supplies, AIFP knows what it takes to become a successful commodity trader. Plus, we know how rewarding this career path can be. If you’re thinking about a sales career in trading, here’s what you need to know!

H2: What Is a Commodity Trader?

Simply put, commodity trading is a type of sales job. Commodity traders are sales professionals who buy and sell commodities. Commodities markets typically deal in agricultural products or other raw materials used at the beginning of the production chain, including everything from lumber and oil to gold and cotton.

While some traders operate independently on major exchanges, others work for large commodity producers like oil or mining companies. Other traders play the market, attempting to make money off market changes without having a specific need for the actual commodity in question. Want an inside scoop on the soft skills necessary for exceptional trading? Check out our blog post on how to be successful as a trader at AIFP!

H2: Best Majors for Potential Commodity Traders?

While a bachelor’s degree isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for the job, many trading firms require their trader to have a degree. Still, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all trader background, so if you’re attending college in hopes of becoming a commodity trader, follow your unique interests and consider related majors like business, agriculture, or economics, which could end up being relevant in your future career. Want to learn more about what it takes to be a trader? Here’s what the most successful commodity traders do every day!

H2: How to Start Commodity Trading?

The best way to start a trading career is by joining a trading firm. Because commodity trading is so specialized, it makes sense to choose a company that prioritizes training and mentorship. At AIFP, for example, our rookie traders embark on a twelve-month paid apprenticeship, which gives them the experience they need to succeed.

Looking for sales jobs in Portland? Consider a career in trading at American International Forest Products. We have a great trader training program, and our retention rates are phenomenal. In fact, our lumber traders average 15 years at the company! Check out our tips during trading mentorship and contact us today to start the application process!

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