We at AIFP know how important panels are for strong, durable structures, so we dedicated an entire department to delivering quality wood panels to our customers.

Our Panel traders are dedicated to going above and beyond client expectations. This expert team combines decades of industry experience with enduring mill relationships in multiple manufacturing regions, which enables us to provide our clients with inexpensive, high-quality plywood.

Our Panels department seeks to meet customer needs with the following products:

  • Western Plywood
  • Southern Yellow Pine Plywood
  • Imported Pine Plywood
  • OSB [Oriented Stand Board] Plywood

AIFP supports our partners in paneling producing by contracting both Southern Yellow Pine plywood and western plywood. Through these partnerships, we are able to satisfy client requirements in sheathing, underlayment, sanded, speciality, and low-grade panels.

We are ready to assist you with our services in the retail, dealer, industrial and manufacturing processes! Click here to connect with a trader in our Panels department today.

Shipment: We’ve Got You Covered

AIFP relies on our five core principles, one of which is responsibility. We know how important safe transport is to your business, that’s why we have two entire departments dedicated to organizing proper transportation for the products you need. Whether you require materials to be shipped via truck or rail after they’ve come stateside, we have the strategies and planning skills to execute safe arrival to any destination

Not Finding What You Need?

AIFP Lumber has an array of products that may suit your needs, whether they be hardwood, softwood, panels, steel, or more:

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