Our Panels department meets customer needs in western plywood, southern yellow pine plywood, imported pine plywood, and OSB. Panel traders provide services for customers in the retail, dealer, industrial, and manufacturing segments.

The panels department combines decades of industry experience and strong relationships with mills in multiple manufacturing regions. AIFP supports our partners in production by contracting both southern yellow pine plywood and western plywood. Through our partnerships we can satisfy customer needs in sheathing, underlayment, sanded, specialty, and low-grade panels.

Beyond panels, AIFP provides a comprehensive suite of product solutions for our customers across the globe. From steel to lumber, we utilize our relationships with mills and suppliers to deliver the highest quality products.

At AIFP, the combination of traders with decades of industry experience and energetic, hardworking new traders creates a team committed to serving our customer’s needs in a timely and professional manner. To learn more about what a career at AIFP is like or to become a trade partner, contact us today!

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