What the Most Successful Commodity Traders Do Every Day

At American International Forest Products, we understand what it takes to be a successful commodity trader. While nothing beats experience, new traders will benefit from learning what successful commodity traders do every single day. That way, they can start implementing these habits into their work day. Here’s what some of our most experienced and successful traders had to say about their daily habits.

They Plan Ahead & Keep Organized

No matter how effective your sales skills, being organized is the only way to keep track of all the different facets of the job. In addition to prospects in various stages of the sales process and existing clients that need to be reminded that they are a priority, there’s also markets to track and sellers to keep up with. Planning each day and keeping your accounts organized is crucial to building business relationships, and without daily attention, things will inevitably slip through the cracks.

They Don’t Wait Around to Get Started

Successful commodity traders need “fire in the belly” self-motivation combined with self-discipline to keep momentum up, even during sales ruts. It takes a highly motivated person to get up every morning, plan and organize their day, and start making sales calls without anyone looking over their shoulder. And yet the road to sales success requires just that: the discipline to execute a well-organized plan. The most successful traders possess self-motivation and self-discipline that holds them accountable & keeps them on track every single day.

They Keep Moving Forward

There’s a reason The Harvard Business Journal cited resilience as the number one characteristic of a great salesperson: the ability to quickly bounce back when things don’t go as planned is the best way to ensure consistent sales results. Successful commodity traders see every day as an opportunity to move forward, which means they don’t wallow in their failures and they don’t spend too much time celebrating success. Because trading is filled with ups and downs, constantly moving forward makes for more consistent sales.

They Look for Ways to Improve

There’s not a day that goes by when a good trader isn’t going out of their way to find ways to improve. While it may seem like the most successful commodity traders would have less to learn, instead, they tend to possess a certain humility, which helps them actively seek ways to become more efficient. Whether it’s finding the right tool, meeting with a mentor, refining their sales pitch, or seeking out helpful research, successful commodity traders are constantly looking for ways to one-up themselves, so they can become the best trader they can be.

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