What It’s Like to Work at AIFP


Trading isn’t just any ordinary job, it’s an exciting career.

If you’re considering applying to our 24-month paid trader training program, it’s helpful to understand exactly what kind of path you’re choosing. We asked some of our traders to provide testimonials about what it’s like to work at AIFP. In today’s blog, we’ve highlighted some of their answers, so you can better understand what it’s like to be a trader at AIFP.

The Perks of Trading at AIFP

From unlimited earning potential to a thriving company culture, there are plenty of perks to becoming a trader at AIFP.

Unlimited Earning Potential

Traders at AIFP work on a commission model, which means their paycheck directly reflects the hard work they’ve put in that month. In fact, several AIFP team members cite this unlimited earning potential as one of their favorite parts of the job.

The People

For many traders, the best part of the job is interacting with people. Not only are AIFP traders able to build strong relationships with other team members, but they’re given the resources to cultivate strong relationships with their suppliers and customers.

Company Culture

Company culture ranks high on the list of things our traders love. Not only are traders recognized and rewarded for their hard work, but in a typical year, there are a wide range of team events, travel, and volunteer opportunities to help build camaraderie and give back to the community.

Freedom & Flexibility

While AIFP provides a paid training program to help develop skills needed to succeed. Once they graduate from the program, they’re given the freedom and flexibility to create their own customer base and build a business. This allows traders to be creative to develop new business while having access to the tools they require to get the job done.

The Energy

When discussing the perks of working at AIFP, many of our traders cited the high-energy atmosphere. When the market is moving, you can feel the buzz of energy on the trading floor, and our traders love harnessing that energy into their work.

The Challenges of Trading at AIFP

Like any job, there are challenging aspects to trading, but if you have the right mindset, personality and embrace goals, working for AIFP could be the best decision you ever make.

A Changing Market

One of the biggest challenges for traders at AIFP is keeping up with a fluid market. Not only are lumber and panel prices constantly changing, but supply and demand can shift, making it imperative that traders are engaged on the forefront on developing trends. While this can be challenging, it also keeps things from feeling stale because no two days are ever completely alike.

Job Stress

Each trader’s earnings are directly related to their performance. Because the market is constantly changing, the job is not without its stressors. If you’re thinking about applying for a trading position at AIFP, it’s important to make sure that you embrace stress in a positive and productive way. While AIFP traders are expected to perform at a high-level, they’re able to draw on company strengths of mentorship, comradery, and culture to help with processing stress.

Advice from AIFP Traders

We asked our experienced traders to offer some advice to those considering AIFP as a career. Here’s a breakdown of what they’ve said.

  • Working on your craft outside of work hours is crucial to your success.
  • Always remember that there’s no substitute for hard work.
  • Take advantage of all the tools available to you.
  • Passion and energy are the two key ingredients for success

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