Company Culture Spotlight: Why Volunteering Matters to AIFP

When it comes to building a strong business, your employees are the most important asset you have. That’s why it’s so important to build a company culture that serves your employees and creates a safe, engaging, and fulfilling atmosphere. At AIFP, we understand how much company culture matters, and part of our company culture includes our commitment to corporate responsibility and volunteerism. Here’s why companies should follow suit and embrace an employee volunteer program.

Employee Retention

Perhaps the most obvious reason to embrace an employee volunteer program is that more and more employees desire such a program. Gen-Z and millennial employees in particular want to work somewhere that gives them purpose and helps to make the world a better place. By encouraging and even facilitating volunteer opportunities, your company becomes more attractive to top talent and builds trust and loyalty with existing employees who take the idea of social responsibility seriously. In fact, many studies show that companies with employee volunteering programs have higher retention rates and a deeper commitment to their work.


Team-building can be challenging, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. While social distancing adds some logistical concerns, there are still plenty of ways to build camaraderie among your employees. One way to do this is through corporate philanthropy. Whether it’s an in-office giving tree like the one we have at AIFP or a safe group outing to volunteer at a food bank, working toward a common goal—even one that isn’t work related—helps build strong bonds among your employees. In fact, working together for social good can help build a framework for teamwork that can then flourish in the office.

Employee Engagement

It’s no secret that engaged employees work harder than non-engaged employees but fostering employee engagement isn’t always easy. While fair pay, great benefits, and recognizing hard work all go a long way toward keeping employees engaged, corporate philanthropy is another strategy you can employ to boost employee engagement. By giving your employees the flexibility to volunteer, whether that be through their own efforts or a work-organized event, you’re enabling your employees to do something they already want to do. With an employee volunteer program, they can give back to their community, but without having to squeeze it into their already busy schedule.

Leadership Development

Team dynamics can be tricky, so it’s quite easy for employees to fall into certain patterns at work. Because of this, it’s not hard to imagine a situation where you’re unable to see a specific employee’s leadership potential due to other factors. That’s where your employee volunteer program comes in handy. By observing your employees outside of the office in a volunteer capacity, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to spot individuals with a natural aptitude for leadership. Who knows? You may be surprised at who steps up in this new environment.

Morale Boosts

As you can imagine, employee morale plays a big role in the level of productivity and commitment employees bring to their position. One way employee volunteer programs can help your bottom line is by offering the morale boost your employees need to help them be focused, productive, and committed to their work. Many people value social responsibility, and when people do things that align with their values, like volunteering, they get that burst of happiness and energy that radiates to all areas of their life. Looking for a career at one of the best places to work in Portland, Oregon? Apply to AIFP today. Not only do we offer a 2-year, paid training program for new lumber traders, but we also work hard to foster a community of mentorship for all of our employees.

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