The Lumber Connection Podcast with AIFP’s Justin Binning & Ken Timmins

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With the largest trading floor in North America, it’s no secret that AIFP is a pioneer of the lumber industry. Now that two of our traders have joined forces with the Structural Building Component Association (SBCA) for the Lumber Connection Podcast, our expertise is more on display than ever. Here’s what you need to know about the podcast, its hosts, and how to listen!

How it Started

The idea for the Lumber Connection podcast came from SBCA, the only international trade association representing manufacturers of structural building components. At a quarterly meeting in February 2020, SBCA decided that component manufacturers across the country needed a reliable source for lumber market information and buying strategies. They approached Justin Binning, the Southern Yellow Pine Department Head at AIFP, and Ken Timmins, an AIFP trader who specializes in Fir species, about hosting a podcast with SBCA’s own Molly Butz and Jess Losse. Ken jokes that he’s been told he has the face for radio for years, making podcasting the perfect fit for his career.

What to Expect

On each episode, you can expect a thoughtful and insightful discussion about the state of the lumber market between AIFP’s Justin & Ken and SBCA’s Molly & Jess. In addition to answering listener questions, the podcast serves as a stream-of-consciousness exploration of lumber market trends, logistics, and analysis from experts in the industry. Each episode, you’ll find timely commentary on the many factors impacting the supply and demand of the lumber used in structural components, as well as an in-depth look at the lumber species and grades most often used in component manufacturing.

For Justin and Ken, it’s important to leave their agendas at home, as they want the podcast to be 100% raw information from their position on the world’s largest trading floor. Ideally, the podcast will help provide context about the North American and European lumber market that can help companies find the best buying strategies to stay ahead of upcoming market trends.

What They’ve Learned from the Podcast

Because their work at AIFP is their research, the podcast is less an opportunity to learn more about their industry and more about providing information and building connections. For Ken, the greatest perspective he’s gained from the podcast is the importance of clear, accurate information. Just because they have the knowledge and expertise doesn’t mean it can be easily shared with others. In fact, so much of the information they share ends up being cut from the individual episodes. For Justin, it’s all about the connections he’s made from the podcast. He enjoys meeting people at SBCA events and helping people better understand a complicated industry.

Where to Listen

You can listen to the Lumber Connection podcast on your favorite podcast app, including SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. If you have your own lumber market questions, you can send them to Your question might even be answered on air.

Contact us today to learn more about how AIFP can you help you meet your unique construction, manufacturing, and industrial needs. In the meantime, check out our lumber blog, where we cover everything from cedar siding to what you need to know about pressure treated wood.

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