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*All traders with the exception of Steel, trade all products beyond their specialties, in multiple grades, species, sizes and lengths or can help direct you to the best trader for the job.

About Ken

Ken Timmins joined AIFP in 2017 as a trader trainee fresh out of University of Oregon. After completing AIFP's trader training program and earning the title of Lumber trader, Ken is proud to be an emerging leader in the lumber industry. He finds joy in being in the epicenter of supply and looks forward to the opportunities each day brings. Ken likes to consider himself an extension of his customer's business, by helping them leverage their inventories efficiently and profitably. He truly enjoys how each day is like a new puzzle to solve and is ready to take on whatever comes his way. When Ken is not out on the trading floor you can find him enjoying Oregon's natural beauty, whether it be camping in Oregon's many forests or snowboarding up at Mt. Hood. When rainy season hits, Ken likes going to local comedy shows, attending concerts or exploring new restaurants. He also happens to be the 2012 Qdoba Burrito Eating Champion. You can find Ken and his fellow trader Justin Binning talk about the latest in the industry with SBCA's Lumber Connection Podcast!

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