Sustainable Forestry: How AIFP Ensures Environmentally Responsible Forest Management

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At AIFP, we know wood, and we care about the forests that produce it. As a wholesale lumber supplier, we recognize that we have a responsibility to our environment and to the communities we serve. In today's blog, we’re covering the ins and outs of sustainable forestry so you can better understand how AIFP ensures environmentally responsible forest management.

Is Wood a Renewable Resource?

Yes! In fact, wood is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly raw material available. That’s because forests grow back after harvest, unlike other natural materials like metal and coal. Plus, trees can even be planted in areas where no trees previously grew, as they require very few nutrients to grow.

But that’s not all that makes wood so sustainable. Before it’s harvested, timber captures solar energy and extracts carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and the extraction and processing of lumber uses less energy and fewer resources than other raw materials. Wood is also biodegradable, so it doesn’t require a special process to return its nutrients to the earth.

That said, illegal logging practices and poor forest management can contribute to deforestation and the degradation of the world’s forests. That’s why it’s so important for wholesale lumber suppliers like AIFP to support environmental regulations and to only use suppliers who are committed to rejecting illegal logging practices and employing sustainable forest management practices.

What is Illegal Logging?

The logging industry is ruled by federal and state and international laws that work to prevent forest exploitation, which can drive deforestation, degrade biodiversity, and negatively impact the forest’s economic value. Whether it’s harvesting in areas where they lack the right, bypassing taxes and logging fees, or using sub-par harvesting methods, illegal logging can happen at several points during the supply chain process and can cause many environmental and financial problems.

How AIFP Promotes Sustainable Forestry

At AIFP, we wholeheartedly reject illegal logging practices and refuse to do business with suppliers who benefit from these practices. We also support governmental regulations that protect our forests, which house our planet’s most renewable resource: wood. When choosing suppliers, we choose companies who utilize environmentally responsible forest management practices like replanting and regeneration, thinning and pruning, and maintaining or increasing forest biodiversity.

While taking these sustainable forestry steps can be expensive in the short-term, they work to ensure that we have long-term access to enough wood for all of our commercial and residential construction, manufacturing, and energy needs. They also work to protect the entire ecosystem and ensure that we as a country continue to benefit economically from these resources.

Now that you understand our commitment to environmentally responsible forest management, it’s time to give us a call at (800) 366-1611 so you can order the lumber you need for your next big project. Not only do we take advantage of sustainable forestry, but we also work with a wide range of suppliers to provide the highest quality forest products at the best available price. Whether you’re looking for cedar, pine, plywood, or any other softwood products, AIFP can help! We also trade premium steel products. With over 50 years in the industry and over 100 years of combined knowledge amongst our traders, AIFP is happy to be your partner in the building materials industry. In the meantime, be sure to check out our lumber blog, where we cover everything from seasonal storage for different types of wood to the top 5 ways AIFP traders can help your business!

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