Top 5 Ways AIFP Traders Can Help Your Business

Whether you’re a supplier or a customer, navigating the building materials industry can be overwhelming. From inventory management and tax prep to gauging the market and finding buyers for your excess stock, there are countless factors to consider based on the way you prefer to structure your business. AIFP’s steel and lumber traders do more than just trade, they’re experts and advisors in the second most volatile market in the United States. Here are the top five ways AIFP traders can help your business thrive.

1. AIFP Traders Provide Market Trend Analysis & Industry Insights

Anyone in the building materials industry knows that the market can change on a dime based on the housing market, forestry programs, laws and tariffs, strikes, environmental disasters, supply chain logistics, and other connected industry challenges. Though it may be easy to look up relevant articles and read about current events, doing so will only scratch the surface. Our traders can offer a deeper understanding of how these events can affect one’s business both on the consumer and supplier side. We look at the big picture and how these events affect the entirety of the industry as a whole.

Think of the entire building materials industry as a line of dominos or a house of cards. You need to know more than just what’s happening in the market, you need to know how different events impact different parts of the industry. That’s where our traders come in.

Imagine that a forest fire breaks out on the East coast. You can probably guess that forest fires will affect the process of logging, thus slowing the available supply of logs for mills to run, but do you understand which types of wood are predominantly affected and how supply level influences pricing? What about transportation challenges? From road closures and detours to trucks being rerouted to help with emergency supplies, shipment timing for your business may be affected. And what about those who lost their homes or businesses in the fire? Damaged homes and businesses require construction materials. Our traders can help give you an insiders’ perspective, providing much more than any series of articles you read.

2. AIFP Traders Provide Transparent Buying and Pricing Advice

At AIFP, we value transparency and honesty in all that we do. Our business is more than just buying and selling building materials, it’s about giving our customers and our suppliers high-quality information to better understand what is happening in the market.

As a wholesale lumber distributor, we see both the supply side and the consumer side of the building materials industry. Using this unique perspective, we can paint the entire picture of what’s happening now and what’s likely to happen in the future. Market trends, industry knowledge, and lumber pricing analytics can all be used to determine fair market pricing for the supplier, as well as helping the consumer determine the right time to buy. Our ultimate goal is to help our suppliers and consumers thrive.

3. AIFP Traders Can Help Your Business Plan Ahead

Our steel and lumber traders make it their mission to be the eyes, ears, and minds of the building materials industry. We absorb, analyze, and discover information within the industry and try our absolute best to optimize strategies for both our suppliers and our customers. With so many factors in this industry it can be hard to find a long-term plan that works best for your business, but our traders have the knowledge, experience, and insight you need to plan ahead.

Deciding when to stock up your yards or when to buy material for your jobsites can feel like a shot in the dark, especially during a volatile market. Whether you’re trying to empty your yards in preparation for year-end taxes or trying to fill your inventory for the new year, our traders can give you the insight you need to make smart decisions. For our steel and lumber suppliers, we can help find a good position in the market during its highs and lows and be a resource for when production is high, but demand is low.

4. AIFP Traders Offer a Wide Range of Product and Transportation Flexibility

AIFP is centered around you and your needs. With seven different trading departments, our traders deal in a wide variety of lumber and steel products, including cedar, Southern yellow pine, spruce-pine-fir, and more. We also offer cut stock, low-grade and high-grade lumber, plywood, and steel. Whether you’re a supplier with an excess of material that you need to get rid of in a down market or a consumer who is looking for material for job sites, lumberyards, or truss, crate, or pallet manufacturing, our commodity traders can help.

In addition to our wide range of softwood and steel products, we also partner with hundreds of reload facilities across the US that can help create flexibility on timing for steel and lumber delivery. If you’re a supplier who needs to clean out material, our traders can work with you to buy your excess stock anytime of the year. If you’re a consumer, our traders can help create a shipment plan that helps fit the schedule you need. We can even buy in bulk when the price is right, keeping your building materials safely stored until you’re ready for them.

5. AIFP Traders Use Their Connections and Resources to Serve You

AIFP partners with consumers and suppliers across the United States, as well as partnering with steel and lumber suppliers in Canada and overseas for import material. With so many touchpoints, our traders make it easy to do business wherever you’re located. Plus, we’ve partnered with over 115 carriers across the US, which means we can do business from coast to coast.

Whether you’re picking up your own load or having it delivered, our in-house trucking and transportation department takes care of all of the logistics. Our strong connections and relationships with reloads, transloads, and port facilities across the states means we can accommodate your business needs and come up with plans to help keep your business strong year-round. From trucks to rail cars to ships, our traders have the resources and connections to help bring value to your business operations.

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At AIFP, we’re centered around our partners, putting people first. We offer more than just a transaction and genuinely care about helping businesses thrive on both ends. With over 50 years in the industry and over 100 years of combined knowledge amongst our traders, AIFP is happy to be a partner in the industry. Whether you’re a supplier in need of offloading stock or a consumer looking for product, give our traders a call today and see how we can help your business thrive. In the meantime, check out our blog, where we cover everything from what you need to know about pressure-treated wood to the benefits of working with a wholesale lumber supplier like AIFP.

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