Sales Assistant
About Kiyo

Kiyo started with FCTG in '81 and left in '83 to live in paradise (Hawaii). She got married, had her daughter, then came back to the real world! She's worked at AIFP, FCTG, Cascade Empire and then back to AIFP. Kiyo posts and distributes all incoming faxes, calls/e-mails for tallies, pays freight bills, retries all orders from our RightFax program, updates document manager, handles all paperwork people don't know what to do with, keeps all reload facilities up to date on paperwork, runs different reports to make sure orders are being handled by the salesmen, helps our steel department with month end reconciliation. AIFP will always be her "Ohana" even when she retires.....but they will have to kick her out first!

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