You Want to Be a Lumber Trader? Career Tips from Our President

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Lumber Trading: Build a Rewarding Career

Tips from Our President, John Vranizan

At American International Lumber Products (AIFP), our traders bring diverse backgrounds, running from seasoned professionals to recent graduates. For those new to trading our Trader Development Program offers a 1-year training and 6 weeklong paid summer apprenticeship.

Recruiting Only The Best

When scouting for new rookie traders, our team traverses career fairs across Oregon and Washington, including the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, and Portland State University. For those in the workforce, we seek out passionate individuals with the drive for success and resiliency that comes with a sales career. AIFP President, John Vranizan, shares insights on launching a successful career through talks and job shadowing opportunities.

President John’s Tips for Successful Trading

If you aspire to be a commodity trader, you’re likely pondering if you have what it takes. According to John, success in commodity trading demands inner drive, a competitive spirit, and a passion for the trade. Check out John’s tips below:

  • Develop examples of competition, achievement, and overcoming adversity in your life
  • Hone your networking skills
  • Gain practical work experience
  • Showcase your ability to interact in a workplace through:
    • Internships
    • Volunteer work
    • Student organizations
    • Previous work experience
  • Demonstrate teamwork, grit, and strong work ethic
  • Do Your Research:
    • Thoroughly research each company before interviews
  • Be Confident:
    • Understand what excites you about the job, aligning with the company’s culture and values

Stay Updated

For updates on our upcoming career fairs and talks by AIFP President John Vranizan, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Learn more about the Trader Development Program in our dedicated blog. Have questions or want to connect? Reach out to us.

Our rookie traders visit Emerald Forest Products in Eugene, OR.

Jump Start Your Career

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