It’s Going to Be An Awesome Summer at AIFP

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The first day of summer is just around the corner. Here in Portland, OR, summers are epic. We’re lucky to enjoy a state blessed with incredibly beautiful natural surroundings. During Portland summers, temperatures rise, but it’s almost always comfortable. We can enjoy glistening sunshine, lush greenery, the ocean, lakes, mountains, rivers, vineyards, and more. Really, if you haven’t experienced a summer in Oregon, you’re missing out; come check it out.

Fun is a Part of Our Culture

At AIFP, we work hard—but we play hard, too. We strongly believe that hard work deserves celebration. When we balance work with play, employees are not only more productive, but they’re happier, too.

So, what kind of fun do we have planned this summer?

Summer 2018 Activities


To kick things off right, we’ll be spending the first night of summer on the Portland Spirit Cruise. Employees and their significant others or guests will enjoy a private cruise along the Willamette River, complete with drinks and appetizers. Last year’s cruise was a blast, so we know this year’s will be a total success.


Trader Golf Tournament

In this AIFP tradition, traders compete in a golf tournament. Winner gets a trophy with their name engraved on it, which the winning trader will get to show off on their desk. Who will win the trophy this year?

Company Picnic

In July, we’ll have a wonderful company-wide picnic! This is a fantastic way for meeting coworkers and their families, enjoying delicious food, and soaking up some rays. Last year’s picnic was out at Horning’s Hideout, and this year’s will be right here at AIFP.


Nothing says Portland like a Timbers game. We can’t wait to watch the Portland Timbers vs. Philadelphia Union from the Modelo Cantina Balcony on August 4th. We’ll be bringing our team spirit.

Trader Fishing Trip

August 17-19, traders will enjoy a guided fishing trip. They’ll stay in a cabin for the weekend, fish, hang out, and enjoy the beautiful Oregon scenery. Check out these throwbacks from last year.


Hood to Coast

One thing’s for sure: we’re competitive. AIFP is going to team up to compete in the annual race from Mt. Hood to Pacific City on the Oregon Coast, covering 199 miles. Last year’s team crushed it; let’s do it again!


Get to Know Us

If you want to get to know us, let’s be friends. Follow us on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter) for updates. Get in touch with us directly via our contact page and continue to follow our blog for fun industry and company insights. Enjoy your summer!

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