Finding Your Balance: A Guide for Commodity Traders


Hey there, fellow commodity traders! We know that trading life isn't always a walk in the park. It's a challenging but rewarding journey that lets you be your boss and build something amazing. Work-life balance is about handling your job, personal life, and your well-being without going crazy. Neglecting your health can lead to burnout, and trust us, that's not fun. In this blog, we discuss how to strike that balance between health and productivity.

Practical Tips for Work-Life Balance

  1. Realism Over Perfection

Forget perfection; it’s a myth. Find what works for you and be realistic about your commitments. For example, on weekends, consider only responding to emails that are time-sensitive or important once a day at a designated time so that you allow yourself to rest and spend time with those you care about.

  1. Automation: Let Tech Do The Heavy Lifting

Embrace productivity by automating tasks wherever possible! Using tools like email rules and Grammarly helps cut down on the time you spend doing grunt work and frees you to focus on your highest priorities. Tech is around to make your life easier; let it.

  1. Optimize Your Time

We all have had days where we’re on fire. Try to structure your day to align with your productivity peaks! For example, focus on demanding tasks during your most productive hours and reserve less challenging activities for when your focus may wane. Save the easy stuff for later — it’s all about playing to your strengths.

  1. Try a No-Meeting Day Experiment

Meetings can be time vampires – explore blocking off dedicated time for deep work to avoid losing a handful of hours! Prioritize this during your more focused times and see how productive you can be when your undivided attention is at play.

  1. Lunch Breaks Are Important

Sure, we may always want to multitask during lunch, but research shows that taking a true lunch break enhances our productivity! It’s okay to take a real break. Plus, burnout is no joke and can end up harming your quality of work and overall life satisfaction.

Working with AIFP: Striking the Balance

Finding that work-life groove as a commodity trader is your own adventure. Keep it real, use tech wisely, work smart, experiment with focused times, and take those lunch breaks. If you're eyeing a sales career in Portland, check out AIFP. Explore more on the AIFP blog and throw your hat in the ring for our paid trader training program. The journey starts now.

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