John Vranizan

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John Vranizan joined AIFP in 1990 as a lumber trader. Through hard work and determination, John became the president of AIFP in 2011. As president, John has continued long standing traditions as well as created his own that exemplifies putting people first. He believes that hard work should be rewarded and that no one should go unnoticed for their efforts. John is an active member in his community and therefore brought the AIFP team together to do the same. He has built a team that is driven and motivated, while also creating a space where team members feel valued and supported. Since his promotion to president of AIFP, John has expanded our trading floor with exceptional talent, making AIFP one of the largest trading floors in North America within the wholesale building materials industry. He drives this team to do well and is always looking for ways to help continue the education and growth of each team member. You can always find John out on the trading floor checking in with everyone and offering any help, guidance, support or even just a genuine update on how life has been going. When John is not in the office or out on the trading floor, he enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, coaching, yoga and traveling.

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