David Kerlin

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*All traders with the exception of Steel, trade all products beyond their specialties, in multiple grades, species, sizes and lengths or can help direct you to the best trader for the job.

About David

David Kerlin joined AIFP in 2017 as a lumber trader trainee. After completing the trader training program, David found his niche in the Industrial Department. David enjoys the team setting being a trader in the lumber industry offers and though challenging, he never gets tired of the excitement of making a sale. He loves being able to build partnerships with mill and customers and always strives to bring the best service he can offer. When David is not on the trading floor, he enjoys spending time with his wife and the exhilarating feeling of skiing and snowboarding. He also is a big Oregon State Beavers fan and enjoys watching their football games throughout the season.

  • Phone: 800-380-0213
  • Email: kerlin@lumber.com

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