Bruce Hallvik

Specializes In:
  • Custom value added remanufactured products
  • Ponderosa Pine
About Bruce

Bruce Hallvik joined AIFP in 2011 as a lumber trader. With his many years of prior experience in the lumber industry, Bruce found his niche in the Ponderosa Pine and remanufactured products. He loves being able to provide unique and custom graded products to customers, along with building quality relationships with his partners. Bruce enjoys the hard work that goes into being a trader and getting to see what he puts in come to fruition. He is so thankful for all the support from the team and all of those who have helped make a difference in his trade. When Bruce is not on the trading floor, he enjoys spending time with his family, enjoying various outdoor activities such as skiing and gardening, as well as attending the theater for a show and a glass of wine here and there.

  • Phone: 800-380-0206
  • Email:
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