Art Reid

  • Western commodity softwoods, random lengths
  • Studs, Truss, and Pallet Components
  • Beam and Stringers, Timbers
About Art

Born and raised in Northern California’s Redwood forest land, Art entered the lumber industry during college. He is celebrating 40 years in the industry in 2018. From the mill floor to the sales desk, he has had almost every job that didn’t include a saw in the mill. Cleanup, log scaler, tally man, grader, sales, sales manager, trader, VP of waterborne distribution, co-owner of VorTrim, LLC (lumber merchandising company) are all titles he has held in the last forty years.

Art has been married for 40 years as of 2018. He and his wife Stella have two children, Ryan (33) and Reagan (24).

He is a client-focused, top-ranked western commodity trader with 40 years of experience serving the West Coast's and the nation's largest pro-lumber dealers, truss manufacturers and wood component manufacturers. His logistical expertise covers rail, truck, van, and waterborne to save cost and add value to my client's business. His areas of expertise are Western softwood commodities (all grades), studs, softwood pallet cut stock, beams, stringers, and timbers.

When not at work, Art enjoys family, football, good food, good wine, warm places, and bird dogs.

  • Phone: 800-380-0225
  • Email:
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