Mason Virnig

  • Specialty Trim Studs: any trim length
  • Machine Stress Rated: for truss and component manufacturers
  • Structural Light Framing and Studs/Industrial Grade/Panels
About Mason

Mason graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Asian Languages & Cultures (Japanese). From Kindergarten on, half of the day was taught in Japanese and he can now speak fluently. He has been to Japan three times and is grateful to have been able to grow up with such a great cultural perspective. It has helped him immensely in his business career. Trading lumber has always been his passion even though he never imagined it. He loves people, spotting values and putting together business, and most importantly, he is passionate about the industry and everything it stands for. He looks forward to growing a business and helping to sustain the industry for generations to come.

  • Phone: 800-380-0248
  • Email:
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