Fritz Klosterman

  • Stud and Dimension Commodities
  • European Lumber
  • Texas Fingerjoint and Solid Studs
About Fritz

Fritz joined AIFP March 1st, 1992 as a trader. In 1993 he was recognized with Forest City Trading Group’s Gold Circle level of trading. A 25 year veteran trader, Fritz now focuses on Inland production distribution and Canadian DF and Stud procurement. With expertise in Texas and East Coast species, Fritz also is involved in the European trades throughout AIFP’s ports of call. 

Fritz and his wife Erin live in Tigard with their children Sadie and Bo. When he’s not at work, Fritz enjoys time with his family, beach volleyball, and watching his oldest son Brock play football for the Linfield Wildcats.

  • Phone: 800-387-0470
  • Email:
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